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Private Investigator News

Talking to Witnesses

In a criminal case, the defense always starts from a disadvantage. From resources to authority, the defense almost always begins a case from the back of their heels. The state has police, district attorneys, DA investigators, crime labs, experts...

Trustify Founder Goes to Jail (PI)

In March 2021, Daniel Boice, CEO and founder of Trustify, was sentenced for his orchestration of a $18 million investment fraud scheme. Boice was sentenced to 97 months in jail followed by 3 years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay...

Getting Paid as an Expert (PI) Witness

Some private investigators specifically solicit litigation related assignments as a matter of choice. Others might intentionally decline litigation work and do their best to avoid winding up in a courtroom or deposition. Either way, many private...

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